Study MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Studying MBBS is a dream for most of the students in India. From childhood, parents, loved ones wanted to see his/her kids to be a Doctor

Scenario of Medical Study in India

There are approximately 90,000 under graduate medical (MBBS) seats available all over in India, whereas 10 lakh students appear in various All India medical entrance tests every year including NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER.

Hence, every year, only 5 to 7% of the students aspiring to become a doctor will achieve their goals.

There are a total of 600 Plus Medical Colleges in India out of Out of these 600 Plus Medical Colleges more than 300 are Govt. Medical Colleges,49 Deemed Medical Colleges and remaining are Private Medical Colleges.

Most of the private medical institutes have a capitation or donation fee ranging from 40 to 50 lakhs with a yearly fee of 12 to 30 lakhs. For any middle class family, even if the student secures a seat through entrance tests, MBBS still remains a forbidden fruit due to astronomical fee structure of the private institutes.

After clearing NEET-UG Indian Medical Aspirants exploring study Medical Abroad


Lack of Information/Knowledge and Missed Opportunities

Every year thousands of students miss out on a lot of admission opportunities and their chance of getting MBBS admission in India due to their lack of knowledge regarding the Admission Counselling procedure. we have even experienced many cases where the teachers from the Top schools and premium coaching center’s misguiding or giving their incomplete Gyan to students about the Medical admission and counseling procedure which even directly effects even on Top scoring students of the batch.

Confusion Regarding Colleges

Facts about Medical Colleges

Another major challenge faced by the students is the knowledge and facts of various medical colleges in India & Abroad.
These medical colleges are spread all over India which have their own brand and reputation. In addition to this difference between Permitted and Recognized, Fees structure of medical colleges plays an important role.
Various other factors which creates inconvenience and doubt in the students mind at the time of admission counselling and miss out the opportunity of getting admission in that particular medical college in India & Abroad.

Following the Sheep Race

Most of the candidates Follows the Sheep Race means student decide their college where there friends are taking admission.
Students have to keep in mind various factors while choosing a medical college. These factors may be quality of education, OPD etc.
Better to do Proper Homework after Exam and Before Counselling about Good Medical Colleges In INDIA & ABROAD.

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Benefits of Studying Medicine in Abroad

A prime benefit needs not to contest for a few medical seats available in India. The cost per a medical seat in private medical colleges in India crosses over 1 crore. For a similar amount, one could finish a post-graduation in Medicine in abroad. This cost and less seat availability pushes students towards foreign locations. Secondly exposed with a foreign land and their language and culture at a young age would enrich your outside world view. Thirdly connecting with other repatriates increases chances for future professional life. Gaining access with experts of the land in the medical field is another benefit to studying in abroad. Above all, you can compare the possibility of earnings between India and other countries.

Studying MBBS abroad is a great opportunity for Indian students. There are a lot of advantages after choosing to complete your medical degree from foreign universities:

  • Students get to learn in the top medical colleges all over the world.

  • MCI/ NMC & WHO recognized medical colleges/universities.

  • The education quality is higher.

  • No donation and capitation fees.

  • Scholarship to study MBBS abroad with selective universities.

  • Affordable fee structure.

  • Availability of Indian food.

  • Living cost in many countries almost matching that of Indian cost.

  • Specifically, MBBS in abroad improve your social and relational abilities.

  • Studying MBBS in abroad gives more opportunities to learn new things.

  • Studying MBBS in abroad turns into a worldwide subject.

  • Global exposure after completion of MBBS course in abroad.

Top 5 Advantages For Indian Students
To Study MBBS Abroad.

1. No Donation or Capitation Fee

As mentioned earlier, private medical colleges in India have huge amounts of donation or capitation fee, apart from the yearly fee. This is not the case for colleges or universities abroad. Most of the MBBS colleges in Nepal, Bangladesh etc. have no donation or capitation fee. Even the tuition fee is very low in comparison to the Indian private colleges.

2. Same Curriculum as India

If you consider Medical study in Nepal or MBBS in Bangladesh they follow same Indian curriculum. Same Indian author books. Bangladesh shows the highest pass-out in Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE). Medical students have gained best clinical exposure and demonstrated the necessary skills sought in future doctors.

3. Extremely Low Cost of Living

This is the part where most of the students and parents worry and take a back step. Although most of the foreign countries to study MBBS in are from Bangladesh, the living cost is relatively cheap.

4. World Class Infrastructure

All the campuses have world class structure with modern equipment in hospitals. For instance, MBBS study in Bangladesh will be very fruitful as most of the universities in Bangladesh are of high standard and globally recognized by WHO, IMED, MCI, UNESCO, European Council etc.

5. International Exposure

As students will want to study abroad in a foreign country and get to meet fellow students who are also from different countries, backgrounds and ethnicity, students will get international exposure which will greatly help them in settling down in US, UK, Gulf countries or Australia.

Documentation Assistance

  • Passport assistance ' Edfinite Career Consultants ' helps you and guides you throughout the process of passport application. If you have the admission letter with you then you can get the passport on urgent basis.

  • We at ' Edfinite Career Consultants ' will provide you that admission letter. Legalization of documents We will help you with all the documentation procedures which are required to complete the admission procedure, attestations of documents, translation of documents etc.

Student Visa Education Loan Guidance

  • Student Visa: Getting Student visa is always a tiresome and lengthy process to get a visa or a passport. Our counselors at 'Edfinite Career Consultants' have all the knowledge in this regards and they can guide you with all the required formalities.

  • Education Loan: Getting your education loans approved is also a tedious job. 'Edfinite Career Consultants' helps you with all the necessary documentations required for getting your education loans approved.

Pre & Post - Departure Guidance

Pre - Departure Guidance

  • Apart from helping with the passport, visa, admission etc. Our counselor will help you with all the ins and outs of the country where you are going. They will also provide you some traveling guidelines, as it might be the case that many of the students may be traveling such a distance by plane for the first time.

  • It is also necessary to understand the culture, lifestyle, people, language and many more such basic things of the country where you are going to live and study. Knowing about the place before you actually start living in the country is a very important thing. We, at Select Your University meet you personally and guide you and sort out your issues if any before your departure date.

Post - Departure Guidance

At 'Edfinite Career Consultants' we provide our students with some of the following post departure facilities

  • We drop our students to the university.

  • We help them in hostel registration and accommodation facilities.

  • We get the final documentation done for our students in the university.

  • We help them for hostel mess enrollment.

  • Medical insurance is one of the important things when you are abroad we help in getting it done for you.

  • We help parents of our students to help them in their visa process, so that they can meet their children during the course duration.

  • We take reports of our students at regular intervals about their studies, attendance etc. and inform their parents on a timely basis.

  • Our students is our high priority and we are ready to help them at any time and in case of any emergency.

We are a Team of Experienced and Enthusiastic Professionals. Having Rich Experience and Expertise in the Field of Educational- Consultancy with Specialization of Medical Colleges in India & Abroad.

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