Study MBBS In Germany

Study MBBS In Germany with Low Fees Structure

Medicine is one of the fields that keep on expanding. In India, there are large numbers of students who wish to go for MBBS in Germany.

It offers the best and the most low cost education options for aspiring international students. Many countries including Germany have most of the top MCI approved medical universities.

Medical universities in Germany provide high quality of education, which gives Indian students a good exposure.

In fact, some medical universities in Germany allocate free education for international students. For the students who want to pursue MBBS, MD or such degrees in the field of medicine, then Germany is the best destination to get MBBS admission.

Here, the medical colleges provide both quality education as well as proper accommodation facilities to the international medical aspirants. The scope of medical education in Germany is very dense than any other educational programs across the world.

MBBS in Germany - In a Glance

Last Date to Apply March, 2020

Basic Eligibility 10+2 (PCB) with 60%

IELTS & TOEFL Required

NEET Exam Yes, it is compulsory

Minimum Course Fee 5 Lakhs/Year

Maximum Course Fee 11 Lakhs/Year

Cost of Living in Germany 15 - 20 Thousands/Year

MBBS Course Duration (in Years) 5+1 ( 1 Year Internship)

Recognition of Universities MCI & WHO accredited

Medium of Education English & German

Top MCI Approved Medical Universities in Germany

· 1 Ludwig-Maximilian-Universitat Munchen

· 2 Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen

· 3 Universitat Heidelberg

· 4 Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin

· 5 Freie Universitaet Berlin

· 6 Tech in the Universitat munchin

· 7 Eberhard Karis Universitat Tubingen

· 8 RWTH Aachen university

· 9 Albert Ludwing's Universitat Freiburg

· 10 Karlsruhe Institute of technology

· 11 Universitat Bonn

Recognition of German Medical Universities

· World Health Organization (WHO)

· United Nations Organization (UNO)

· Foundation for Advancement of International

· Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)

· European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Germany for Indian Students

· Low tuition fee structure for MBBS in Germany.

· Top medical schools or universities are recognized by - MCI & WHO

· Some universities offer Free education in Germany for international students.

· High quality of education.

· Working opportunities after completing the course of MBBS in Germany.

· Dialect is not a problem at all in the country since you can study or communicate in English.

· Cost of living is very affordable during medicine course in Germany.

· Students will get to live and explore a new place in one of the most developed and beautiful country.

· Students will also get the stipends amount of 20 to 30k Euros.

· Guaranteed scholarship will be offered to the students who pass the scholarship exam.

· The medical course in Germany is recognized across the globe.

Application Deadlines for MBBS in Germany

Every medical university or college has different deadlines to take MBBS admission. Mostly, all universities close the MBBS admission by 15th July or August of every year.

Number of MBBS Seats Available in Germany

· There are 36 medical universities in Germany having a maximum capacity of 85,000 students (1st year onwards till research).

· 6% MBBS seats are allotted to foreign students

Why you Should Opt for MBBS in Germany?

· The German medical education system is considered as one of the finest in the world.

· It provides cost effective medical education to international students with a globally recognized degree.

· Germany is one of the leading countries that specialized in highly advanced medical care.

· On completing the MBBS course from Germany, an Indian candidate becomes eligible for permanent residence certificate.

· Germany is the forefront of modern medicine and provides high tech hospitals that are capable of providing healthcare to numerous number of people.

· The medical education in Germany is stated as one of the most prestigious in the world.

· No entrance exam is required to take admission in Germany medical universities.

· Every medical universities provide quality private & government hospitals for internships

· Cost of studying MBBS in Germany is very affordable.

· Globally recognized medical degree.

MBBS Course Duration in Germany

The total course duration to complete the MBBS / MD in Germany with the best medical universities or schools in Germany is 7.5 Years (including internship with stipends).

MBBS in Germany - Is it Safe for Indian Students?

Germany is one of the safest countries in the world. It has lowest crime rate or any discrimination in the world. International students who are already pursuing their medicine course are absolutely safe in Germany.

Germany Medical Universities take special care of every student's security safety especially for girls, by installing CCTV camera around the campus, classes and libraries. Even the hostels are fully guarded by the German police officer.

Courses Offered by Germany Medical Universities

Medicine course / MBBS / MD in Germany offers a detailed information about numerous health problems and how to handle those issues.

The medicine programs contain coverage of public health and promoting health, the major determinants of health, health communication and education, philosophy and ethics of public health, the theory behind the science and methodology, coverage of statistics and epidemiology and qualitative research methods.

Various courses covered under Medical and Public Health Services Program are-

· General Medicine (MBBS)

· Dentistry

· Nursing and Public health

· Pharmacy

· Therapy Professionals

· Veterinary Medicine

Admission Procedure for MBBS Course in Germany

Germany is the destination for the best institutes of medicine in the world. Although, the MBBS admission procedure in Germany is quite hard as compared to other countries.

As they provide free education in Germany that is extremely challenging for the international students to get a MBBS seat with the top German medical universities.

Eligibility criteria to get admission with best medical universities:

· Students must have 90% in 12th standard

· The candidate must have cleared the 1st year of graduation with over 58%.

· Proof of certificate of passing DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) exam.

· Scores of TOEFL and IELTS are mandatory.

Documents Required for Student Visa

After all the process done, you will have to submit the required document to apply in German embassy.

Below is the list of documents required to study MBBS course in Germany:

· 10 passport size photos

· 10 Photocopies of 10th, 12th and 1st year of graduation Mark sheet ( it should be attested by Gazetted Officer)

· 2 recommendation letters

· 10 Photocopies of Passport

· 10 Photocopies of school leaving certificate

· Proof of language proficiency in German and/or English

· Copy of payment proof of study fees, if applicable

Application Procedure for Studying Medicine in Germany

Following are the proper steps for application procedure to study MBBS in Germany. We will guide you at every step -

· Fill the application form/or get it filed by us online.

· Submit all the scanned documents like your passport, and any other necessary documents.

· Get the admission letter direct from the medical university (Within 8 working days)

· After the confirmation of admission, the immigration procedure will get started.

· Visit the German Embassy in Delhi after receiving the invitation letter (within one month).

· Check, Evaluate and authenticate every document before applying for a visa.

About Germany

· Germany is also known as Federal Republic of Germany & it is also the heart of Europe.

· Germany is the 6th largest country in Europe. Germany was a compilation of 1000 small states and 350 principalities in the middle of 19th century.

· The population of Germany is about 81 million & also having 16 states.

· There are 3 most beautiful main rivers in the country are The Rhine, Elbe, and the Danube in which Rugen is considered as Germany’s biggest island which is highly forested and includes steep cliffs.


For student residences, you will be able to reserve cheap hostel rooms and small apartments. Private shared service is a popular choice among students.

Each flat is shared by a number of 3 people while the kitchen is shared by all. A flat or an apartment can be the right option if you wish to live on your own and experience a quiet, peaceful environment.


Public transport network in Germany is highly advanced. The best ways to travel in the country are by train or cabs. Buses run on popular routes at regular time period. You have to pay 2 - 3 Euros for a ride in public transport but you can buy monthly passes which will cost you around 70 Euros.


Germany is a land which has ancient cooking techniques which are used to prepare the various kinds of foods. Several popular spices that are used in every German food are mustard, juniper berries, and horseradish. You will surely be going to enjoy the taste of the Germany. Indian food is also easily available in Germany.

Climate Condition

The country has a very moderate or temperate climate, mostly humid as the winds from western side dominate most of the regions.

The summers are warm when the winters are averagely cool which is quite similar to Indian climate, though the summers are not that extreme like in India. The temperature in Germany is quite comfortable for the students going to pursue MBBS in Germany.