Study MBBS in Malasia

Study MBBS Course in Malaysia

Overpriced tuition fees, mediocre education, and insufficient medical seats are some of the pivotal reasons why Indians tend to study MBBS abroad.

More than 1,00,000 Indian students have dispersed in over thousands of foreign universities to capitalize on medical degrees with utmost facilitation. MBBS in Malaysia is indeed a promising opportunity for Indian students to anticipate a greater future in medical science.

We are aware of conventional choices like Malaysia, China, USA, Canada, & selective European nations for studying medical courses. However, there are some, not so well-renowned countries like Malaysia that most certainly resonate with your expectation about foreign MBBS education.

As per the estimation of Malaysia Higher Education Ministry (MOE), In 2015, The country had an international crowd of 1.5 lakhs students. 50,000 out of these aspirants are reckoned to be Indian students.

MOE has forecasted this figure to reach a benchmark of 2 lakhs foreign admissions in the upcoming years.

UNESCO has recognized Malaysia at 12th rank in the world's highly preferred study abroad destination. The pattern of medical education in Malaysian universities is almost identical to American standards (PBL Curriculum).

Students had no tough time cracking USMLE or MCI screening tests (NEXT) if we analyze the latest data of successfully passed out Indian students.

MBBS in Malaysia: Quick Highlights 2020

Watch the complete overview of MBBS courses in Malaysia to get a brief idea about the structure of course & qualification requirements:

Last Date to Apply October

Basic Eligibility 50% - 70% in PCB (Depends on University)

NEET Entrance Test Yes, it is compulsory

IELTS & TOEFL Not required

Minimum Course Fee $ 800 USD/Year

Maximum Course Fee $ 4,500 USD/Year

Cost of Living in Malaysia 500$ - 2500$ / Month

Course Duration 5 - 6 Years (Depends on University)

Medium of Teaching English Language

Universities Recognition MCI & WHO accredited

Top Medical University AIMST University, Malaysia

Important Benefits of Studying MBBS in Malaysia

Advantages of learning medicine at Malaysia are here:

  • It hardly takes more than 4.5 hrs to land in Malaysia from India & add up another 30 - 45 minutes to reach the location of Universities.

  • Flight tickets are extremely cheaper in cost that easily makes it affordable for students & their parents to travel quite often, especially for holidays.

  • More than 40% of the public speak Tamil language, hence the intake of Indian students particularly from the southern region do exist on a considerable scale in Malaysia.

  • Colleges operating in Malaysia follow the American education system (PBL curriculum) that enriches student’s full potential in overall academics.

  • MBBS course is available also in English language for domestic as well as international students as per their convenience.

  • Practical level of education is the highlight of the medical training programs held at the dynamic universities of Malaysia.

  • Fees charged by the colleges are very much inexpensive compared to China, Nepal, Bangladesh, & other Asian countries.

  • Separate hostels for girls, Indian food, Indian warden is served with full-fledged security & 24x7 wi-fi facility.

  • Malaysian universities have accreditation from MCI & WHO, plus the passing percentage of the MCI is better than other foreign countries.

  • Infrastructure of the universities in Malaysia resembles the attributes of the western European medical colleges.

  • No violence, ragging or cases of any sort of outrage are witnessed here.

  • Multi-ethnic culture of Malaysia creates diversification which offers multitudes of experiences to the students coming from different places.

Eligibility Criteria: For MBBS Course

Qualification criteria for Indian students to study MBBS in Malaysia is the same as other Asian & European countries:

  • The minimum age of the candidate should be under 17 years.

  • Academic score of PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) of the student must be 50% with English & Math as compulsory subjects.

  • NEET clearance is the primary condition to enroll for MBBS course.

  • If the students did not appear in NEET (2019), an Eligibility Certificate issued by Medical Council of India is required for the admission process.

  • Passport is mandatory for Indian students.

  • VISA requirement is also vital for eligibility criteria to study in Malaysia.

  • MCI certificate for studying MBBS in Malaysia.

How to Get MBBS Admission in Malaysia?

There is a common procedure to secure admission for medical seats in the universities of the Malaysia which is as follows:

Step 1: The first step starts with filling an online application form on the website.

Step 2: After successful submission of the admission form, an invitation letter is issued by the university.

Step 3: Now proceed the payment of the course to the respective university.

Step 4: The next step after paying tuition fee is to apply for a student's VISA. Finally, you are ready to book a flight for Malaysia to study MBBS abroad.

Documents Required to Study in Malaysia

Students are required to organize the following documents for admission procedure in Malaysian Universities for MBBS course:

  1. Mark sheet of Xth & XIIth from recognized board of education

  2. Migration certificate of the student

  3. Domicile/ Birth Certificate of the candidate

  4. Passport of the student to enter Malaysia

  5. Scorecard of NEET exam. (Valid for 3 years)

Duration of MBBS Course in Malaysia

The total duration for pursuing an MBBS course in Malaysia is generally up to 5 years:

  • It takes five straight years for any student to finish their MBBS degree in the medical universities of Malaysia.

  • Internship period adds up another year until you are officially certified as a doctor once you successfully complete house staff ship.

Is an MBBS Degree in Malaysia Valid in India?

The foremost assessment factor for Indian student to look up in foreign education is the validity of degree:

  • All the MCI approved universities in Malaysia offer an MBBS degree which is valid in India, so that the students can practice their studies.

  • Indian students may continue their housemanship in Indian hospitals.

  • The only precaution to be taken here is checking MCI approved status of the medical university in Malaysia.

Medium of Teaching in Malaysia

English is the teaching language for MBBS course offered by the universities in Malaysia:

  • The entire course of MBBS taught in the colleges of Malaysia is in English.

  • English proficiency tests like IELTS/ TOEFL are not required for admission.

Ranking of Best Malaysian Medical Universities

The top ranked medical universities in Malaysia are presented in the following table:

Name of University World Ranking Country Ranking

AIMST University 36 7397

International Medical University 24 4180

Lincoln University College - -

Mahsa University - -

Perdana University 35 7345

SEGI University - -

Taylors University 29 5328

University of Malaya 1 634

USMLE after Completing MBBS from Malaysia

USMLE is a license exam mandatory to make career in the USA:

Indian students who want to do specialization in the USA after MBBS or practice their knowledge have eyes set on USMLE preparation since the first year.

United States Medical License Examination (USMLE) is conducted in the three stages given below:

  1. Preparation

  2. Clinical knowledge & skills

  3. Licensing

Exam is held online with 300 questions to solve. It tests the overall potential of the students including their patience, skills, presence of mind, decision making abilities, practical knowledge, etc.

After finishing the first two stages, students become eligible to take the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).

International Medical University (IMU) is the only university in Malaysia that provides guidance for the students for the preparation of the USMLE exam.

Career Options: After Completing MBBS Degree From Malaysia

Students graduating with MBBS degree in Malaysia have numerous career opportunities:

  • The first advantage students get after taking their degrees from the colleges of Malaysia is it’s eligibility for appearing in FMGE examination.

  • They can also go for post graduation in the USA or European countries.

  • Graduates can continue houseman ship/ internship in Indian hospitals.

Hostel & Accommodation Facilities

Accommodation facilities are made available by the university or private service providers for the convenience of foreign students:

  • You can either opt for college accommodation or off-campus rooms.

  • Monthly rent of private rooms cost between 300 RM - 500 RM Approx.

  • Shared room is preferred by students to keep the budget inexpensive.

  • You can also live independently in apartments or private homes.

  • External accommodations are located 5-10 min away from the college.

The Education System in Malaysia

Following pattern is followed in medical education in Malaysia:

  • Medical universities in Malaysia offer five years of MBBS program which is known as M.D. (Doctor in Medicine).

  • Five years of M.D program is divided into two phases: Phase one is basic medical science & second is clinical experiences & practices.

  • Each year has two semesters that make 10 sem at the end of course.

  • Phase one covers the first two years & second phase is upto 3 years.

PG Options after MBBS from Malaysia

Students can pursue post graduation anywhere in the world after completing MBBS in Malaysia:

  • MBBS degree available in Malaysia has a worldwide accreditation that opens the door for learning P.G in any country or starting a career as a doctor of surgeon.

  • There are some colleges in Malaysia where you have options of post graduation, however European or American colleges are highly recommended for doing P.G.

  • Entrance exam is the prerequisite for pursuing P.G in any nation. You can go for a P.G degree in almost any country after MBBS in Malaysia.

MBBS in Malaysia: Age Limit

The candidates applying for MBBS course in Malaysia have to fulfill certain age criteria to get admission:

  • Students should be 17 years old before the 31st December of the respective admission year.

  • The maximum age limitation to become eligible for studying medicine in Malaysia is 25 years.

How Safe is Malaysia for Indian Students?

Malaysia is the safest Asian country for international students:

According to the Global Peace Index (2015): Malaysia is the fifth safest region after New Zealand, Japan, Australia, & Singapore. Malaysia is also good for the safety of women. Any type of violence like bullying or ragging against the students is rare in the country.

About Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country widely known for its cultural & religious diversification. Despite being smaller in size, it has one of the fastest growing economies in Asian continent. Kuala Lumpur, A capital city of Malaysia is famous as a financial & business hub in southeast Asia.

The country is counted among highly popular destinations for travel & tourism. Standard of living of Malaysia is much higher than most of the developing country & the living cost is relatively lower. There are a variety of food choices available in local restaurants including common Indian dishes.

Religion Malay

Currency Malaysian ringgit

Rate of Exchange (Jan 2020) 1 ringgit = 17.72 INR

Population 3,150,000,000

Language Malay

Climate 20°C to 30°C

Time Difference 2 hrs & 30 minutes ahead of India

Important FAQs

The most frequently asked questions on popular education forum sites like Quora & Careers360 are answered below:

Which are the top medical universities to study MBBS program in Malaysia?

International Medical University (IMU) has 24 national rankings in Malaysia & it also offers USMLE preparation coaching that makes it the best choice for Indian students to learn MBBS courses in Malaysia.

What are the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Malaysia?

Malaysia has only one university that offers USMLE coaching in student’s preparation who want to do P.G in the USA. This automatically limits the choices of colleges in Malaysia for international students. IT is expected that other colleges will also start this service in years to come.

How much is the cost of studying the MBBS course in universities of Malaysia?

Malaysia is far more cost-effective than most of the Asian countries in terms of education. The minimum fees of tuition for medical course is only 800$ while the maximum range goes beyond 4000$

Are there any scholarships provided to students for MBBS study in Malaysia?

Yes, scholarships for international students for studying MBBS in Malaysia are available for the students. Check more details here.

After MBBS from Malaysia, how do I register as a doctor in India?

The basic requirement for registration are as follows:

  • Students should have passed out from MCI approved university.

  • Students must have NEXT clearance certification.

As per Indian Medical Council Act 1956, Sec 27, A Student of Indian nationality recognized as a medical practitioner in India can work anywhere across the world.

What’s the general cost of living in Malaysia?

Some common expenses are as follows:

  • Accommodation = 5,000 - 10,000/ month

  • Food = 3,000 - 5,000/ month

  • Public Transportation = 800 - 1000/ month

For practice in India, how many times can I apply for the screening test?

There is nothing like a screening test to practice in India. NEXT exam is the only requirement for working in Indian & there is no limitation on the number of attempts.

Can I pay my MBBS tuition fee in installments?

Most of the medical universities in Malaysia allow it’s students to make the payment of tuition fees in installation. You must check the details about the colleges before taking admission in Malaysia.